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A Very Strange Story

Book #1


Michael and Sarah have a problem. Her name is Susan. Is it possible that a pond full of Koi fish, and some ancient critters living in the dark woods, could solve Michael and Sarah's problem? Droogledots, the critters, are strange and wonderful creatures. Pogo's Koi fish family have skills that no human could believe. 

The Treasure Hunt

Book #2 


Michael finds an old pirate treasure map in the guest house wall. Glenda Fairchild, a guest, thinks treasure hunting is silly. Her son William is upset, and causes many problems. The Droogledots search to find more than just treasure. Papa Droogledot is a hero. Mama Droogledot makes a nest.

The New Arrivals

Book #3


Everyone is excitedly waiting for the Droogledot eggs to hatch.

The eggs become lost at Easter time. Charlie cat joins the family and appoints himself Droogledot babysitter. Fredriko Marzini (Fred), finds a home and work. The story continues...

Just Try Again

Book #4 


The Droogledot babies are now 6 weeks old. Papa Droogledot is giving them flying lessons. Oz finds an injured duck named Wilbur, and sad Sally is happy again.

The Escape

Book #5 - 2nd Edition!


Arlie the bullfrog has been captured and placed in a small glass tank. Is he smart enough to figure out how to escape and will he meet up with the Droogledots? Is Arlie a bullfrog or a Droogledot? He's tired of being green. Green is boring but pink is better. He wants to fly like a Droogledot but bullfrogs don't fly, or do they? Who is Arlie?

The Rescue

Book #6


Arlie the adventure seeking bullfrog is in trouble again. His latest balloon flying adventure has ditched him the ocean. Will the Droogledots be able to save him again?

Best Friends For Life

Book #7


A heavy snow storm just before Christmas brought this unusual combination of characters together.

A bad decision almost caused a disaster, but the Droogledots with help from the humans, saved the day.

Small Wonders

Book #8


Baby Herman hedgehog is rescued from the pond and cared for by the Droogledots. Now the problem is to find his family! It proves that being different is OK, and how working together can produce amazing results.

Droogledot Detectives

Book #9


Bessie, a local champion rabbit, has disappeared from her cage in Beaufort, North Carolina! Did she escape or was she kidnapped?

The Droogledots become detectives by following the clues to find her.

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